Each pair of Valinos is unique. These custom-designed sandals and clogs are created to match your individual prescription, with an orthotic integrated into the body of the shoe.

Ideal for summer, Valinos free you from the need to wear enclosed shoes to benefit from your orthotics. You can enjoy the beach or relax at home in shoes with orthotics built right in.

Made from high-quality materials, Valinos come in a wide range of colours and styles. With so many to chose from, you can create a look as individual as your foot.


Va­li­nos is a special and unique product which brings treatment of an insole but also look of an shoe. Therefore you can find different footbed varieties.


Roll-off fitness is characterized by a gentle roll-off in the forefoot and heel areas. The result is a comfortable gait that feels good with each step.

Available for BEACH - FIT - SANDALS


The optimum version of our Valinos features our unmatched relax mid-foot roll soft for an effortless gait with maximum relief. This version is just right for customers suffering from painful toe joints or an overloaded forefoot.

Available for ALL


Softbed is a footbed filled with a soft material that cushions the entire sole. This leads to a pleasant walking feeling. softbed enables us to adapt even very soft footbedding to the individual wearer’s needs. Suitable for customers with rheumatism and for diabetics who can wear open shoes.

Available for BEACH - FIT - SANDALS - CLOGS

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