The Podiatry Clinic was established in 1995 by Lindy Begg, who continues to own the practice. The podiatrists are experienced in all facets of podiatry, including High Risk and routine foot care, nail surgery, biomechanical assessment, children's foot care and custom-made insoles.

The Podiatry Clinic has a strong focus on treating the foot complications of diabetes, since Lindy Begg also established the Foot Wound Clinic at Westmead Hospital.

The Podiatry Clinic
The Podiatry Clinic


The Podiatry Clinc offers complete care for high risk feet, including wound management, wound off-loading and diabetic foot screening, using a photoplethysmography device and a neurothesiometer. We can assess the plantar pressures that impair wound healing, using a Novel emed ® force plate. This gives patients with foot wounds a better chance to heal and prevent new ulcers forming. It also helps reduce the risk of ulceration in patients with peripheral neuropathy.

Novel emed ® force plate
Novel pedar ® Technology

Advice on the safest footwear for high risk feet can be given. Shoes (and insoles) can be tested by measuring the plantar pressures while they are being worn, using the Novel pedar ® Technology.This system can be used to identify shoes associated with the lowest plantar pressures during walking.

Plantar pressures can be compared while walking barefoot with pressures in shoes, with or without custom insoles. This gives a clear indication of which shoe or "moon boot" is giving the best results. This can reduce ulcer healing times and better prevent re-ulceration.

Novel emed ® technology is used to fabricate custom-made insoles. Your dynamic plantar pressures during gait are recorded coupled with your 2D scan, the data is sent to Germany for analysis (www.pedcad.de). A completed design is then sent to The Podiatry Clinic for manufacture. This superior manufacturing process produces insoles which are tailored to your individual needs. These insoles are designed to protect a specific problem area, such as a healed ulceration, a painful joint, a bony prominence or heavy callous. Insole materials are available to complement the patient's activities and footwear, such as tennis, golf, running, diabetes, arthritis, fashion shoes, sports shoes or custom-made surgical footwear.


Principal: Lindy Begg

Lindy founded The Podiatry Clinic in Wentworthville more than 25 years ago. Her goal was to bring the best scientific research into every-day clinical practice. Her career has also included work in the public sector, founding the High Risk Foot Clinic at Westmead Public Hospital.

Lindy is on medical leave from the Clinic due to an injury, however she has always had a special focus on original research in podiatry. Her research findings have been published in many peer-reviewed medical journals, a key research interest has been plantar pressure offloading of diabetic foot wounds.


 Philip Angelopoulos
Philip Angelopoulos

Philip enjoyed studying Microbiology and Physiology at The University of Adelaide, reaching the end of his undergraduate studies and after developing some tennis toenail injuries, he decided to pursue a clinical career to help others and keep his scientific skills practical.

Philip has experience in a wide variety of Podiatric roles across the country (Hospital and Private Practice) and has a strong focus on evidence-based practice. He can provide full services such as biomechanical/musculoskeletal assessment/treatment (including orthotics), neurovascular/diabetes assessment, nail and skin assessment/treatment (including toenail surgery) and paediatric assessment/treatment.

Anthony Pedavoli
Anthony Pedavoli

Anthony graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Western Sydney 2021. Upon completion he was awarded a place on the 2021 Dean’s Merit List which recognises students for outstanding academic results in their studies. His pursuit in podiatry was brought upon through his own experience growing up playing semi-professional football within the NPL system.

Anthony’s interests lay within the all aspects of podiatry, he strives to incorporate a patient centred care approach, particularly within diabetic foot care and biomechanics..

Liz Emrys
Liz Emrys

Liz holds a Bachelor of Podiatry from the University of Newcastle and a Master of Public Health from the University of New South Wales.

An all-rounder in podiatry care, Liz enjoys helping patients become pain-free as quickly as possible, whether they have difficulties with nails, callouses, feet or movement. Focusing on the whole person, Liz aims to prevent complications and promote good foot health for all her patients. Outside the clinic, Liz has completed additional university study in the Arts and Languages. She also enjoys dancing and raising a pair of energetic sons.

Jayne McGreal
Jayne McGreal

Jayne McGreal comes to us with over 30 years experience, primarily in Diabetes High Risk care settings.

She is the senior podiatrist and co-ordinator of the Diabetes Hight Risk Service at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick. Jayne is studying a Masters in Clinical Redesign at UTAS. Jayne has received the Prime Ministers Certificate of Commendation for working to reduce diabetes foot complications in developing countries..

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